Wednesday, 26 December 2012

An Overview On CNA Career

Certified Nursing Assistants or CNAs are the nursing professionals who perform varieties of duties in different health care facilities. They perform their tasks under the direct supervision of RNs or Registered Nurses. It is the duty of CNAs to record the condition of patients along with their daily activities. They document the liquid and food intake of patients. Every intake of medication is also recorded. They prepare patients for examination or treatment. CNAs perform other duties such as monitoring respiration, pulse, blood pressure, and temperature of the patients.

CNA Career Future Training Certificate

There are both formal and informal training programs to become a CNA. Formal training programs are offered in community colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, vocational technical schools, and high schools. A mix of hands-on practice and classroom setting is included in the formal training provided by schools. Some nursing homes provide cost free training to students, provided that he or she agrees to work in their institution for certain time period. Normally, CNA Training is completed in 4 weeks and can also take up to 90 days. A few prerequisites may have to be fulfilled by the students who don’t have a healthcare background.

The CNA coursework typically includes nutrition, body mechanics, infection control, physiology, anatomy, proper daily care procedures, use of various medical equipment, duties and responsibilities, legal issues, and patient care standards. In order to become certified and start working legally, candidates need to take and successfully pass the state specific certifying tests. Afterwards they can work in clinics, adult day cares, private homes, care home, long-term care facility, and hospitals.

The licensing requirements for CNAs differ from state to state. Normally, intensive classroom training of 75 hour along with practical experience is required. You will need to pass the competency evaluation test to be registered in the State registry of nurse aides. Apart from these, students also need to pass a criminal background check, undergo state-regulated disease tests, complete a physical exam, and be physically fit.

If you are interested in health care profession, career as a CNA is the best way to enter in this sector. There are lots of progressing opportunities for CNAs. Certified Nursing Assistants can go for different formal and informal training programs as per their choices to become a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse in the future. As the level goes on increasing, the salary also starts to get higher.

There is a high demand for CNAs at present. It is the ideal time to enter in the health care industry as a CNA. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that the job opportunities in the health care sector will rise heavily in the coming decades. This trend of growth is visible on both national and the state level. Increasing number of aging population is the major reason for the increase in demand for nursing professionals. A CNA can start working as soon as the training and the state test is completed. A qualified CNA can expect to earn up to $ 16 per hour. Also check out the article on Best Fashion Design Schools.


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