Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tweed Trend In 2013

The New Year has ignited a new passion for tweed fashion. Country classics and the reverence of British heritage gave rise to the increase use of tweed in clothes. The Tweed trend has started a firestorm in the English fashion scene during the fall and winter seasons. The new trend is seen as a back-to-basics effort to involve the British heritage look into an all-Britannia brand. Here are the things that you should expect about this emerging trend.

Upcoming Fashion Tweet Trend 2013

Tweed becomes Timeless
When it comes to fall and winter fashion you will never go wrong with tweed. The tweed exemplifies the British look and has become a recent exciting trend among fashion houses all over the British Isles. Fashion houses gave the timeless tweed a makeover and gave it a new urban character as part of its facelift. Traditional tweed jackets were moved towards a more glam edge. This means more clothing options are available for tweed that will suit the individual’s taste.

Tweed is about Britishness
Even if Tweed is originally Scottish it has become synonymous with being British or “Britishness”. The weave pattern called tweel by the Scots gained prominence throughout the 19th century and Britain never looked back since. Today, tweed ceases to be purely British as more and more people have learned to incorporate such fabric into their fashion statements regardless of race and nationality. Tweed fashion ceases to be a picture of “old-fashioned” people as it evolves into a kind of clothing that exudes sophistication and svelteness. Wearing tweed clothing is like being a symbol of the present generation who truly appreciates how the past can help shape the future.

Wearing a Patch to your Tweed
In the past, it is easy to get scoffed at when you have an elbow patch on your jacket or sweater. Thanks to the revival of tweed fashion, patches on the elbow have become trendy again. Tweed fashion houses have reported robust sales. Stress and Anxiety over the future of tweed have been replaced with positive feedback among players in the British fashion scene. Popular fashion houses have jumped into the tweed bandwagon as evidenced on their recent collections.

Tweed resuscitated the British Fashion Industry
Designers have reported resurgence in the British fashion industry. The statement of being British and British heritage credits tweed for its rise. Now, established fashion and clothing manufacturers are in the pink of health.The tweed trend will give rise to new fashion ideas as a result. Tweed was once regarded as a fashion of the past but today it has slowly been conquering the modern fashion scene even in those countries outside UK. With tweed fashion, history indeed repeats itself. But, this time the repetition certainly appears more fashionable and flexible in order to capture everybody’s taste for fashion.

The Rising of Harris Tweed
Designers have started to drive the British heritage look with the use of Harris Tweed among men’s clothing line during the autumn and winter seasons. Trendy tweed fashion designers have redefined the use of tweed and make it more urban. Now tweed is no longer for your history or geography teacher anymore. The versatility of tweed makes it go well with certain accessories. It is projected that this trend will not fizzle like any other fad that only lasted only a season or two. British heritage will be a look that will endure as long as there is Britain.

Britain’s newly rekindled love with tweed is expected to last a bit longer this time. Tweed allows people to be quirky and eccentric if you do it from head to toe. Wear British heritage in your sleeve as you try to incorporate pieces of your wardrobe and bring out a unique style that speaks volume about who you are. Tweed Fashion is more than just acknowledging the contribution of the British culture.  It is also more about looking at the past with much gratitude with a firm belief that fashion will continue to evolve for the better.


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