Sunday, 10 February 2013

Best 5 Midsizers - 2013

Midsize laptops fall under the range of 14-16 inches in which the most common size that we have is 15.6. These laptops are most common in offices, at home or with students. These are not the most comfortable one around, especially if you have to bag it on your shoulder and carry it all day long. Although the new tablets, phablets and convertibles are in trend with all age these days, but the midsize machines have their own place. These are the best blend of price, features and performance.This article focuses on the midsizers (so we are not going to talk about how awesome the new tablet is that you just bought). Below we have the Best 5 Midsize laptops that we have so far.

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Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display
Apple MacBook Pro is the best of the MacBook breed.It combines the style and design of MacBook Air with Retina Display to form a magnificent machine.The resolution of the device is beyond comparison. Videos, images, even the simple text looks amazingly clear. It combines all powerful components including Nvidia GPU, which makes it a complete high-end desktop replacer. But on the other side, MacBook Pro with Retina Display is priced too high (near about $2,199 or above) and lack of Ethernet jack, optical drive and few other components makes it inconvenient at times. Also, being thinner and lighter than many other laptops of competing brands, it is still not that travel friendly.

Acer Aspire M5-481PT-6488
If you want a “no-risk” machine that works on Windows 8 and gives you a touch feature without costing you a fortune, then this machine is the best to choose.This midsize laptop (14-incher) has a metallic body with great performance and an excellent battery life. The device also gives you a DVD drive and a touch-enabled screen. And all these is a highly manageable price ($ 799 and above). The areas where this machine falls is a touch quality touchscreen and lack of dedicated graphics.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Ultrabook
Lenovo is known for its business-oriented laptops and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Ultrabook is one of those machinesthat has all must-haves required in a business laptop and yet has a very impressive appeal. The device costs around $1,319 and operates on Windows 8. It combines a tremendous keyboard and a touch interface to enjoy Windows 8. However, the touch-screen makes the lid thicker and the touchpad is finicky at times.

Dell Inspiron 14z
With Dell Inspiron 14z, Dell has managed to give people an upscale feel to a mainstream midsizer. This laptop is comfortable to pocket (around$899)and includes an Intel Core i5 CPU and a discrete AMD graphic card. Considering the features that Dell offers with this device, its cost is very reasonable. But its average battery life remains its weak side. It is adequate, but not enough to get you through an entire day.

Dell XPS 14
This laptop is a worthy competitor to MacBook Pro. In fact both systems share similar aesthetic. However, the new Dell Inspiron Ultrabook is nearly as good as Dell XPS 14 and that too in a much lower budget. XPS 14 costs around $1,499 and is a very powerful machine (both build and feature wise). It is sleek, attractive and combines Intel Core i7 CPU along with dedicated graphics. The machine however does not combine an optical drive and is way to heavy compared to many other 14-inch midsizer.



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