Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Pandora Charm Jewellery Obsession

I am obsessed with jewellery and my favorite brand has to be Pandora, I am addicted to collecting the charms! There are well over 50 charms in my collection and I've been working on it for over 2 years now. I've written this post to share with you the best ways to choose what charms to go for as there are so many different designs to choose from that it can sometimes be tricky to get it down to just a handful.

Pandora Charm Jewellery Women 2013

When buying charms, the most important thing is to recognize that they’re going to have to match each other. They need to complement each other and not clash. I have a few bracelets now and I’m always swapping the charms on the bracelets to give them a fresh, new look. You’ll notice that when you swap your charms around, they start to look different when they’re next to other charms – it’s a great way to give your bracelet a new lease of life.

Making sure I have charms on my bracelet that are going to stand out is really important because you need to keep your bracelet looking nice and interesting. Use plainer charms, like the silver ones that have little detailing on, to complement the bolder charms. If you use these silver, plain charms then you’ll also benefit from the lower price as they work out cheaper than the more fancy charms.

Choosing a theme for your bracelet is a really great way to help whittle down what charms you can add to your bracelet. A good idea is to go for a co lour theme. Use materials to add extra depth to your bracelet. My favorite color is blue so I tend to go for blue charms – there are lots of different shades like navy, baby blue and teal but they actually all work together really well when they’re all on the bracelet.

Mixing different colors together in your bracelet can also look really stylish. Over the Christmas period, I always wear red and white charms with my themed Christmas charms too … this really gets me in the festive spirit! When the Olympics were on last year, I wore red, white and blue charms on my bracelet to be patriotic. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing colors that wouldn't usually work together. Blue and orange can actually look quite funky and modern when used together but you would never usually wear an outfit that included both of these colors as you’d think they would clash.

I have a few charms that have wording on and have things that represent stuff in my life like my pets, my passion for music and the different places in the world that I've visited. I really like to wear charms that reflect my personality as my bracelet then tells its own little story. Pandora charms make lovely presents and the majority of the charms I own have been bought for me as gifts – every birthday and Christmas, everybody buys me and my sister Pandora charms (which I am certainly not complaining about!).

Story by: Selena Hamsley


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