Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Best Hatley Raincoat Collection for Kids in 2013

Don’t be scared of rains because it can’t hold you home this monsoon. It’s pretty time to try the most exciting monsoon trends. If you have been searching for some really cool monsoon raincoats for kids like mine then well we found some good in style, fashionable, branded and different stuff listed here.

Hatley has an exclusive rainwear collection for kids are available in the UK for the 2013 monsoon. The pricing is brilliant pretty close to the original pricing and the collection is amazing. Below are listed the features of the raincoat Designed for Kids by the Hatley:
  1. Soft outer waterproof shell
  2. Two fronts fold over pockets
  3. Long sleeve
  4. Full popper button closure
  5. Spacious hood
Following are a few proposals for those who have a spirit for the monsoon fashion trends:

Scribble dot Raincoat in Pink: 
In this raincoat, there is the design of rabbit print to give a new look to your kids. This raincoat design is fully suitable to your little princess and she will be happy with this girly coloured raincoat.
Scribble dot Raincoat in Pink Design Fashion Children 2013

Fire Trucks Raincoat in Yellow: 
On this raincoat, there is the design of the fire truck print. kids look very cute by wearing this Fire Trucks Raincoat in Yellow. Especially children who are mad for the trucks and car toys they will feel great to wear this fire truck designed raincoat.

Fire Trucks Raincoat in Yellow Design Fashion Children Trend 2013

  • Full popper button closure
  • Contrast inner fleece lining
  • Fire Truck print design
  • Two front pockets
  • Hooded
  • Soft outer shell
  • Waterproof
Crazy Lizard’s Raincoat in Green: 
In this raincoat design of lizard is printed to give a new look to kids. this raincoat can be the favourite for those kids who are the insect lover.

Crazy Lizard’s Raincoat in Green Design Fashion Children Trend 2013

  • Full popper button closure
  • Long sleeve
  • Lizard print design
  • Two front foldover pockets
  • Contrast inner fleece striped lining
  • Soft outer waterproof shell
  • Hood
Cupcakes Raincoat in Turquoise: 
On this raincoat, cupcakes are printed to give attractive looks to kids in monsoon. Generally kids like the cakes and cupcakes, so they will be very happy to wear this raincoat having the designs of cupcakes on their clothes. This can be the favourite who like blue colour the most.

Cupcakes Raincoat in Turquoise Design Fashion Children Trend 2013

Farmer Jack Raincoat with Lining in Blue:
Farmer jack raincoat with lining in blue is cute printed boy’s raincoat with design of tractors printed on it. who are interested in farm, or tractors they will surely like this raincoat which have the cute cap joined with the raincoat permanently.

Farmer Jack Raincoat with Lining in Blue Design Fashion Children Trend 2013

Thus, these all raincoats are designed by Hatley’s expert designer in the UK. By wearing the raincoat, people can change their wardrobes accordingly, so go out and enjoy by moving around instead of staying at home in the season of monsoon with your kids.You can purchase the Hatley branded raincoats for your kids and give a new look to your child also in the rain. Hope that this article will help you to select the best raincoat for your children to make them happy with their choice.


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