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Understand More about Denmark Green Card Scheme

Denmark Green Card allows migrant to enter Denmark to live and work. Denmark Green Card is issued based on points you score on the following categories.

Denmark Danish Passport Green Card Scheme
  • Age
  • Educational Qualification
  • Work Experience
  • Language Proficiency
You must score minimum of 100 points to get a residence permit and it is valid for three years.  Besides that you must have valid health insurance and a proof of financial resource to support yourself in Denmark.  Once you received a Denmark green card, your family members can join with you immediately in Denmark.

Points Assessment:
Denmark Green Card is the source for Denmark immigration.  In each category you have to score points. Your score points may vary according to your qualification in all categories.  Here we listed information on age, language skill, education, work experience and its score allotments.

Age Grade Points:
Applicant can score more points who are younger.  Grade points for age are:
  • 27 and below can gets 20 points
  • 28-34 can score 10 points
  • 35-40 will get 5 points
Educational Qualification Points:
  • If bachelor’s degree is your educational level, you get 30 points.
  • For bachelor’s degree plus one year master’s degree, you score 50 points. 
  • For master’s degree, you score 60 points.
  • For PhD, you score 80 points
Info on Bonus Points:
Based on your school ranking and if your educational level comes under Denmark positive list, bonus points are added to your score.  If your occupation matches to positive list, point 10 will be added in your score. The following list shows bonus points provided, if you are graduated from high rated academic university.
  • Ranking on top 400, applicant can get 5 points as bonus.
  • Ranking on top 200, applicant can get 10 points as bonus.
  • Ranking on top 100, applicant can get 15 points as bonus.
Information on Language Proficiency and Points:
To receive language points, applicant must provide a passed exam document. Test can be written either in English, Dutch, German, Swedish or Norwegian.  In language proficiency, Danish language test has four following levels.
  • If you are in level 1, you will get 5 points.  
  • In level 2 you obtain 10 points.
  • For level 3, you will score 15 points. 
  • Finally, if you choose Danish as a second language you will get 20 points.
Financial Requirements:
To get residence permit under Denmark green card, you need to provide a document on financial resources for your stay in Denmark.  Besides these applicant need to provide bank account statement and other supporting documents to get Denmark Green Card.  Financial support may differ based on number of dependents and your age. It is shown below:
  • As an individual person under the age of 25 needs DKK 5,267
  • As an individual person over the age of 25 needs DKK 6,351
  • For cohabiting couple and spouses, they need DKK 5,267 per person
  • Child of cohabiting parent and married couple, a single child needs DKK 1,317
  • Child of single parent needs DKK 1,589

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