Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Flaunt With Some Handy Fashion Tips

I am a grad school student. Earlier on, I used to think that I had a good sense of fashion. However, when I joined the university, I realized that I have ample scope to improve myself in fashion. My friends and peers in the institution were extremely fashionable and happened to be the real head turners. They used to wear high-design clothes with trendy accessories, ensuring their style and personality. I would really envy them and think that what make them so fashionable. Then my best friend shared a few handy tips on fashion that proved to be really helpful and beneficial. If you want to know about those tips, then continue reading the article.

Fashion Men Women Trend Tips

  • One of the most vital tips that I was given by my friend was one should always dress according to her body shape and size. Trust me this proved to be a really useful tip that I always bear in mind while choosing dresses. With correct clothes and dress, women can enhance their figure attractions and hide imperfections. I have a peer shaped body and so, I always choose to wear dresses with V-necklines. A-line dresses and long overcoats are also ideal for an apple shaped figure. On the other hand, one who has a peer-shaped body should choose from among shirts and straight dresses. Dark colors would be ideal for them to highlight their figure. 
  • As a college student, I have all the liberty to experiment with different looks and styles (that’s what my friend advised me). Layers can help you create a funky and stylish look. It will also make you look colorful with a perfect combination of vibrant accessories. Short denim skirts with opaque leggings and brown boots would be ideal outfit to present you a real chic in college. Instead of solid colored tights, you can also enhance your style quotient by wearing a rainbow hued pair of leg warmers.
  • I love to team up my dress with bright and vibrant accessories. This helps me look smart and trendy (thanks to Angie, my friend, in case you wonder!) She suggested me that I should always combine my dress with colorful and cool accessories. She also advised me to be extremely careful while choosing the accessories, making a point that they go well with my entire outfit, personality and style.

Now you may wonder (as I did) where to shop such stylish dresses and accessories from. The ideal place to shop them is the internet. There are many online fashion stores that deal with clothes and accessories. However, be wise and careful when shopping from these sites. Here are a few important tips;

Shop Around Well
Make sure that you go through at least two to three online fashion stores when buying a dress or accessories. Each site offers you a wide range of designs with different price. So, go through all the designs and choose the best one.

Know Your Measurements
When buying Dresses Online, ensure that you know the accurate measure of your waist, hips, and arm length. This will help you choose a dress that will fit you correctly.

Shipping Charges
One of the best ways to avoid exorbitant shipping charges is to buy several items at the same time. Or else, look for retailers that offer free shipping!



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