Sunday, 6 January 2013

Four Ways to Step up Your Dining Room Decor

Your dining room is a place where celebrations happen and where you celebrate the joys of daily family life. Therefore, it should feel special but not significantly out of sync with the rest of your home decor. A formal dining room need not be a boring one; use colors that make for a cozy and inviting atmosphere, and don't be afraid to experiment.

Interior Design Dining Room Decor

1. Seating
A big trend in contemporary chairs seems to be getting away from the standard design of six or more straight back chairs. Benches are showing up in beautiful, modern dining rooms in both sleek, futuristic designs and simple, arts-and-crafts models. Stools and retro molded plastic are not just for the rec room anymore; feel free to invite these items in for dinner.

2. The Star Piece
The table is the focal point, of course, so let it shine. Luxury Dining Room Furniture is an investment that pays dividends for generations, whether you opt for a classic wood piece or something completely new and modern. Instead of drawing attention to the dining area with a floor covering, consider marking off the ceiling instead with a dropped panel or simply a different color of paint. If you have the space, flaunt it with an expanse of gorgeous flooring stretching from wall to wall. Are you in a tighter space? Choose a shape that fits without crowding out the rest of the room. Emphasize a sense of home and comfort.

3. Supporting Players
The heavy, imposing sideboards and china hutches of past years can be lovely in the right setting, but many homes these days are simply not designed for all that furniture boxing in the table. Opt for shelving or bar space opening out from the kitchen to display wine and food.

4. Fiat Luxe
Lighting is crucial, whether your dining room features Luxury Furniture or garage sale finds. If you have an echoing space with a soaring ceiling, hang something impressive: industrial metal or a fairy creation of glass. A sleek, 50s-inspired table looks fabulous with wicker or bamboo shades to warm up the severe angles and surfaces. Pair such homey decor with high-tech LED accents that now come in warm colors and have dimmer switches and remote controls. Best of all, these additions take up virtually no space at all.

Bring your personality to the table and remember that you can easily change the mood of a dinner party with inexpensive items such as linens, flowers, and candles. Invest over time in quality, versatile pieces that will be able to shepherd you through all of life's milestones and decorating trends.


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