Monday, 4 March 2013

Construction 101: What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the strategic placement of water resistant construction materials to prevent water from flowing in or flowing out from various areas or structures like a home or a building. These areas include external and internal ones which can mean anything from the basement to balconies, roofs, decks and walls.

New House Construction Build Waterproofing Tips

 According to a recent survey, cracks, water leaks and moisture seepage (generally, faulty waterproofing) account for up to seventy-five percent of all construction complaints. Such complaints can either be caused by poor building construction and failed concrete waterproofing methods which lead to other problems. For example, concrete structures which are not properly waterproofed can crack or can permit moisture to seep and water to leak.

This usually causes other problems to the household like flooding, mold growth or permanent structural damage. That is why construction firms spend a lot of time in determining and constructing the proper way to waterproof structures to prevent future problems and avoid minute mistakes from escalating into major ones. This, in turn, can prevent the loss of money and uncalled-for harm to homeowners.

That is why when building a brand new structure, there are many choices and specifications that needs to be considered- most important of which is the integrity of the waterproofed areas in your home or in the building. In the past, many owners assumed their home was waterproof and secured enough even if they just settle for an inexpensive dam proofing.

Waterproofing House Construction Build Tips

Damp roofing may be a black, sometimes solvent diluted, asphalt cement or alternative coating material that has very little if any elastomeric properties. It is sometimes brittle, and can fail to bridge cracks that may occur. Builders, again and again within the past, paid very little attention to Basement Waterproofing basement walls and other important areas of the structure. A number still, to this day neglect to employ more modern methods of waterproofing as they appear to cut back prices.

As a homeowner, you should choose a trained and approved contractor employing an effective waterproofing product. Remember, reputation is everything when it comes to hiring a contractor to build your home. Hire a contractor that has years of experience when it comes to home or building construction. Make it a point to check and see if your contractor is correctly authorized to do waterproofing and Concrete Repair. Apart from that, make sure that you have the waterproofing plans laid out on the first place, before construction even begins.

While it's not possible to list all the precautions to use, these easy basics can help make sure that you get a quality service which you have generously paid for. 


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