Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Should the Police Claim Accident at Work Compensation?

Recently, there have been a number of news stories about people in the police making accident at work compensation claims or suing members of the public following a trip or fall. PC Kelly Jones received vilification in the press after she tripped on a kerb and decided to seek redress from the Thetford petrol station where the incident occurred. It is worth pointing out that PC Jones injured her left leg and right wrist following the fall, and she had to go to hospital and take six weeks off work. The kerb was in a poorly-lit area and images of the spot make the kerb appear deep and unexpected.

Claim Accident Work Compensation Injury Police

PC Jones had also suffered a knee injury in a previous case, when she was involved in a car crash that followed the pursuit of a criminal. Her car ended up on its side and was declared a write-off. Furthermore, Norfolk Police admitted liability for her injuries.

This incident is being held up as an example of PC Jones' litigious nature, but if you or I were in what sounds like a motor vehicle accident at high speed, we'd claim for car accident compensation too! 

The overall value of her most recent claim is reported to be £50,000, and it is reasonable to assume that an accident at work compensation case of this size will probably have caused the claimant some significant pain and suffering, with possible long-lasting impacts. If she injured her knee in a serious motor vehicle accident, it's completely possible that falling off a kerb could have led to her sustaining personal injuries that are far more serious than those the man on the Clapham omnibus would suffer.

Other policewomen who received less-than-favourable commentary include Hampshire PC Kerry Ann Taylor, who cut her hand open when she attempted to open a window while cleaning out a cannabis factory and received a £4,837 Accident at Work Compensation payout from her employer Hampshire Police.

The Police force spent an additional £145,000 in costs in an attempt to overrule the court's ruling and failed, as lawyers successfully argued that the cannabis factory was a potentially dangerous area and that the police should have foreseen the potential for PC Taylor to have injured herself while working.

Transport for London also recently paid a police officer £10,000 after the person fell off a chair, which the Daily Mail and the London Evening Standard were quick to call an example of 'compensation culture gone mad'. One would assume that the victim was happily sat on a chair which then unexpectedly collapsed, leading to them sustaining some real personal injuries. Would you not expect compensation in a similar situation?

It is worth pointing out that the victims would not have been able to successfully make a claim if they had not sustained some real injuries as a result of their accidents. If someone received £10,000 for 'falling off a chair', it is fair to assume that the fall led to fractured or broken bones or other serious bodily injuries.

For what it's worth, the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has taken a more nuanced stance towards these news articles. A spokesman for the organisation pointed out that many police officers choose to pay for their own healthcare so they can go back to work as quickly as possible, and that any other employee would be able to seek accident at work compensation so police officers should have the same opportunity.

Speaking about the PC Jones case in particular, PFEW chair Steve Williams stressed that when a police officer is injured whilst on duty, they do not receive any financial compensation from their own police force - in fact, they can end up losing money by receiving a reduction in allowances and half pay, with some officers struggling to achieve specialization or promotion and with others even losing their jobs.

He explained that PC Jones had asked for legal advice regarding claiming back any earnings she lost due to her injury, with the Police Federation agreeing to fund her through a conditional fee basis.

So far, PC Jones has refused to make any public statements, but I would think this is probably a good idea. The police force do a dangerous job and have the right to the same standards of health and safety as any other employee. If I sustained a serious Personal Injury at Work due to the negligent actions of another person, I would expect to receive compensation.

However I could argue that this case shows the importance of public liability insurance. Make space for this in your bottom line. If your business' bottom line can't cope with public liability insurance, then the cost of one accident at work compensation case could be enough to send you into liquidation. Don't run the risk!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dressing to Impress – How Fashion Can Improve Anxiety

For years, people have scoffed at the idea that being fashionable is worthwhile. Many argue that fashion is itself a product of the media, and that being comfortable is actually more important.

They're not entirely wrong. Comfort really is important – even for mental health. If you're not comfortable, you're not going to find yourself feeling proud and upbeat when you're out and about. But comfort is also not as simple as throwing on a T-shirt and sweats. Part of comfort is about avoiding self-consciousness, and that's where fashion comes back into play.

Fashion Improve Anxiety

Anxiety and Being Self-Conscious
Anxiety is a complex disorder, and it rarely has any one single cause. But when you have anxiety, it tends to be self-sustaining. For example, if you have anxiety when you're out in public, you become more likely to look for indications that you're being judged. If you're looking for them you'll always find them, which then creates more anxiety for the future.

Dressing comfortably is important. But unfortunately, dressing comfortably and paying no attention to your fashion can also create many of these same problems. Those that are dressed too casually, or in a way that makes them look less attractive are unintentionally increasing their own self-consciousness when they go up and talk to those that are well dressed. They're aware of their poor style at that moment and they're thinking about it when they approach others.

We see this a lot in courtship. Men that tend to be poorly dressed generally feel self-conscious about the idea of going up to a well-dressed and attractive woman, acknowledging the difference in their "attractiveness," causing her to feel unapproachable. That, in turn, reinforces any anxiety the person felt about approaching her, which in turn makes it harder to approach similar women in the future.

This affects many different aspects of life – from work, to time with friends, to various life activities. If you're self-conscious about your appearance in any way, you're likely to experience greater anxiety in public, which in turn tends to reinforce any anxieties you have and make it more likely for you to experience anxiety in the future.

How Dressing Well is the Solution
For this reason, "dressing well' becomes a solution for anxiety. You don't necessarily need to be in a suit, but taking the time to choose an outfit that looks attractive can actually help you with your confidence. It provides you with:

  • Less self-consciousness.
  • More confidence in your looks.
  • Rarely feeling out of place.
Even those that swear they don't care what other people think about their outfit will find dressing in a way that is more fashionable to provide these benefits. There are also always ways to still dress comfortable or dress how you like while still dressing nicely as well. A well cut T-shirt is still a t-shirt, but looks better than an over sized band shirt, and so on.

In addition, "comfort" is often based on what you know. Those that wear suits daily rarely feel uncomfortable in a suit. It's those that haven't tried to dress more fashionably that tend to struggle the most, because they're simply not used to the feels and cuts of the fabric. The body adapts for comfort, and the more you wear these items that you previously deemed uncomfortable, the more comfortable they'll feel.

So keep in mind that while the fashion industry may be a little wild at times, trying to make sure you're confident in your appearance has some very real value. If you already suffer from anxiety or mental health issues, ensuring that you at least look your best at any given time can have some surprising benefits.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Picking the Right Charms and Bracelets from Thomas Sabo

Expanding my jewellery collection is something that I’m always doing and my favorite brand at the moment is Thomas Sabo. Thomas Sabo create some really nice unique items of jewellery that are different to a lot of other brands. It’s not very often you find such individual pieces of jewellery at such a fantastic price. They’re well worth a buy! This post will share with you my top Thomas Sabo picks at the moment and give you my reasons behind it.

gold treble clef charm

The gold treble clef charm which is sterling silver with yellow gold plating is the perfect addition to any music lovers bracelet. Back when I was younger, playing the piano was a bit of an obsession of mine so having this treble clef charm on my bracelet would be a fab way to recognize my old passion for music. 

Thomas Sabo bow charm

A really popular material to use for jewellery at the moment is rose gold and Micheal Kors make a lot of their jewellery out of it. I've been keen to get some rose gold on my Thomas Sabo bracelet for a while now as I absolutely love the color of it. This bow charm is gorgeous and as I’m studying fashion at the moment I wanted to have something on my bracelet to represent that … this charm is the perfect way to do it!

globe thomas sabo charm

I’m really excited as like a lot of people my age, I’m going travelling next year and I’m looking forward to visiting the world and seeing lots of new places. I've decided that I need a lucky charm to keep me safe while I’m on my travels so whatever better charm than the globe one? It can be used to represent my time travelling when I’m home and as it’s got lots of nice, bright colors it’s sure to jazz up my bracelet!

Owls thomas sabo charm ring

Although this is a bit of an unusual pet choice, when I was younger my family used to keep owls. They were so cute and they all had lovely little personalities, I wanted an item of jewellery to represent them and this ring was absolutely perfect. It’s right up my street as it’s really stylish and fashionable at the moment … when it comes to statement rings, the bigger, the better!

Eiffel Tower charm thomas sabo

I love to have a bit of sparkle in my life, like every girl! The Eiffel Tower charm is gorgeous as features a stunning little diamond which gleams when the light hits it. It reminds me of a great holiday that I went on with my friends to France … I've got to say, the Eiffel Tower is a lot prettier on this charm than it is in real life!

Thomas Sabo turquoise bracelet

Lastly on my wish list is Thomas Sabo turquoise bracelet which has a 925 Sterling silver ring clasp. It’s part of the Thomas Sabo glam and soul special addition range and the bracelet itself is absolutely stunning – the perfect summer accessory. Blue is my favorite color, always has been and always will be … it would look lovely with a tan!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Pandora Charm Jewellery Obsession

I am obsessed with jewellery and my favorite brand has to be Pandora, I am addicted to collecting the charms! There are well over 50 charms in my collection and I've been working on it for over 2 years now. I've written this post to share with you the best ways to choose what charms to go for as there are so many different designs to choose from that it can sometimes be tricky to get it down to just a handful.

Pandora Charm Jewellery Women 2013

When buying charms, the most important thing is to recognize that they’re going to have to match each other. They need to complement each other and not clash. I have a few bracelets now and I’m always swapping the charms on the bracelets to give them a fresh, new look. You’ll notice that when you swap your charms around, they start to look different when they’re next to other charms – it’s a great way to give your bracelet a new lease of life.

Making sure I have charms on my bracelet that are going to stand out is really important because you need to keep your bracelet looking nice and interesting. Use plainer charms, like the silver ones that have little detailing on, to complement the bolder charms. If you use these silver, plain charms then you’ll also benefit from the lower price as they work out cheaper than the more fancy charms.

Choosing a theme for your bracelet is a really great way to help whittle down what charms you can add to your bracelet. A good idea is to go for a co lour theme. Use materials to add extra depth to your bracelet. My favorite color is blue so I tend to go for blue charms – there are lots of different shades like navy, baby blue and teal but they actually all work together really well when they’re all on the bracelet.

Mixing different colors together in your bracelet can also look really stylish. Over the Christmas period, I always wear red and white charms with my themed Christmas charms too … this really gets me in the festive spirit! When the Olympics were on last year, I wore red, white and blue charms on my bracelet to be patriotic. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing colors that wouldn't usually work together. Blue and orange can actually look quite funky and modern when used together but you would never usually wear an outfit that included both of these colors as you’d think they would clash.

I have a few charms that have wording on and have things that represent stuff in my life like my pets, my passion for music and the different places in the world that I've visited. I really like to wear charms that reflect my personality as my bracelet then tells its own little story. Pandora charms make lovely presents and the majority of the charms I own have been bought for me as gifts – every birthday and Christmas, everybody buys me and my sister Pandora charms (which I am certainly not complaining about!).

Story by: Selena Hamsley

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

High Street Fashion for Spring and Summer 2013

With spring just around the corner (although it may not feel like it), you may have already started shopping around for new outfits that follow the fashion trends that began their life as catwalk designs. You will start to see more and more summery clothes on the high street and you will be able to find them through many fashion e-tailors.

Online fashion retailers like WearAll are already starting to stock their summer items so now is the time to start shopping before it’s too late.

Window shopping on fashion retailers’ websites, that is browsing but not actually purchasing yet, is a great way to get a feel for the upcoming trends for this year. Black and white statement items and monochrome have continued to be a staple for any fashion filled wardrobe this spring, on the flip side, we are also seeing soft pastel colors being worn as well as bolder colors to bring a bit of spring color into your outfit. 

Another trend seen on this year’s catwalks is animal or Aztec prints on long dresses and skirts as well as leggings. If this doesn't suit your taste then there are plenty of paisley and striped items of clothing that will fit with the trending fashion.

With all these different trends this year you are probably anxious about what you should be wearing and when to wear it. Worry no more as this next piece of information is sure to calm your mind. The solution is to mix up some of the trends and create your own style that you feel comfortable in. Choose a pastel t-shirt or vest with a black pencil skirt for example, using two trends to make one outfit. Green or red/pink pastels are going to look great this spring but any pastel shade is sure to give you that feminine look you were after. If you want to make a statement with your outfit then red is definitely the color to look out for, whether it be in the form of handbags and accessories or even a cardigan, red will also be a good color to look out for in floral print.

If you are worrying about how you’re going to afford to buy all this high street fashion then worry no more and there are plenty of online fashion retailers selling designer looks at budget prices. Wear All, a dedicated online fashion retailer offering the latest trends at affordable prices. 

Monday, 1 April 2013