Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It's Penguin Season! - Original Penguin Watches

When you mention the word penguin a small, fluffy black and white creature will usually come into your mind – and in most cases this will be exactly what you’re talking about. But what I want to look at here is the other type of penguin – the one that doesn't waddle around the Antarctic and the one that doesn't make an incredibly cute tourist attraction – what I'm in fact talking about is the Penguin Range of Watches.

Beautiful Cheap Penguin Wrist Original Watches Timepiece

Now let's not disregard one of the world's most adorable cuddly creatures – it was after all the penguin which spawned the original inspiration for the brand – but in the last fifty years we have seen the Penguin brand really grow and develop out of a humble beginning right through to becoming an industry leader in the accessories market.

Think Dean Martin, Arnold Palmer, Frank Sinatra and Richard Nixon – they have all been seen sporting Penguin watches in the past. With a reputation for style, quality and image it's not hard to see why the Penguin brand has continue to be so popular and this high quality of design coupled with a very fashionable approach has ensured that Penguin has firmly developed a stance within the watches marketplace.

Although the brand have spent a great deal of time out of the limelight since their creation, the turn of the century led to a complete revival for the brand who now adopt a range of bright colours, styles and designs into their creations. In addition the brand was reborn in 2003 after a popular collaboration with an international fashion house – and this helped the brand to develop a new, modern style which appealed to a wider audience.

As a standout member of the penguin family, Pete the Penguin will feature heavily across the new season range of Penguin watches – and with such an adorable mascot how could you resist getting to grips with such an innovative watch range?


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