Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pylons Signage: A Great Way to Catch People Attention!

As you drive or walk in the street you will pass a ton of Pylon Signage, which that you won’t even remember after 2 minutes   The statistic shows that in average per day a person is faced to 3000 signs in general! What a huge number, and when you think about it I am sure you are not even aware of this and can only remember few of it! Pylon signage’s are usually on the side of the main road where, the best place to catch attention easily and quickly.

Now a day brands have to get crazy idea to catch the attention. As we face every day a lot of pylon signage the brands have to be original and outstanding.

Big brand such as Miele, one of the number one in high end domestic appliance, have a full budget in marketing to make those signs much more visible than others brands. They also have the inspiration to make their pylon signage attractive. As you can see on the picture, they mad a funny signs and unrealistic for the people who see this. This is such an unusual pylon signage that it will catch everyone attention and stay in minds for much longer than a simple one. Out of all the sign you see in one day this one you will for sure remember. This is the main goal of this pylon signage, being different and catches the attention. With such an unusual pylon signageyou are sure to get a lot of word to month, the people will have just one brand in mind for a vacuum and it will be Miele!

It looks so real that its leads to great attention from the people and a positive feeling toward the brand. Let’s have a look at the second pylon signage. What a great idea for street marketing. The pylon sign was placed on the high way at the entrance of a tunnel. 

What an imagination to create a pylon signage as attractive as this one. As the high way is always noisy you could fell like it is the sound of a vacuum. The pylon signage itself is not really special there is only a vacuum and the brand with is slogan. All together the pylons signs and the tunnel create the idea of a real vacuum in the middle of the high way!  A pylon signage that will stay in your mind for a long time!  Can you imagine how surprise would you be when you see this big vacuum from far, I hope the drivers don’t get too scared and won’t create an accident!!! 

Obviously Miele is not the only brand able to do such a good street marketing campaign. To be different and to attract new customer all the big brands must dedicate a budget important enough to be one of the best one in the market in term of market with for example for pylon signs.