Wednesday, 10 July 2013

NTSE Held for Finding the Best Students

NTSE is an exam organized for identifying the best students who are excellent in their studies. National Talent Search Examination was initiated in the year 1963, and since then it has successfully selected hundreds of talented students from all over the country. Students who are on the 8th grade are allowed to participate in this exam. This test is considered to be one of the toughest exams of the country. Students are expected to prepare for this exam well in advance, so that they can score well in this exam.

NTSE Logo Exam Paper Talent Students

Until couple of years, this exam was organized only for students in 10th standard. The exam is mainly classified into two levels. The first level is conducted by the State authorities. The students scoring well on this exam are then permitted to attend the next level of the exam which is organized at the National Level. The exam is organized by the DSERT, and is mainly conducted in the month of May of every year. They are again divided into Part I, which consists of subjects like Mental Ability also known as MAT and the Part II consists of subjects like social science, mathematics, and science. The students are expected to score well on all the subjects, so that they get scholarship. All those students who score well in this exam become eligible for enter into the next NTSE exam.  The details of the exam can be accessed from the net, which is uploaded by the authorities every year.

The exam result is declared the same year, and will help the students to plan their further studies. The syllabus is the same, however if there is any change then the authorities will let you know about the same. Students can refer to the CBSE text books, which will help them to prepare well for the exam. Also the students are recommended to refer to the text books from the 8th, 9th, and 10th standard. All these text books will help you to prepare well for this exam. The whole purpose of conducting this exam is to choose the best students, who are given financial assistance of successfully clearing the exam. The scholarship amount at present is Rs 500 per month. The scholarship will be provided to the students from 8th standard onwards. However, the benefit is not given to students who intend to pursue their PhD and other such services that are mentioned on the form.

Students can get the details of the reference books and studies materials from their official NTSE website. Also there are many classes that help such students in scoring well in their exams.  Some schools also arrange special classes for students who are appearing for this exam. Whatever method you choose, it’s necessary that students plan their studies well. It will help them to score well in their exams. Also it is advised to refer to the question papers that will help them to understand the question trend of the exam. It will help them to understand their weak points and score well on their exams.