Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Show off Your Creativity with Nomination Jewellery

What better way to stand out from the crowd than by putting your individual style into creating a unique charm bracelet? I have always been one to not follow the heard and to put my own little twist on things and I love how I’m able to do this with my Nomination charm bracelet. In the past, I remember bumping into friends and noticing that we’re both wearing the same jewellery, it made my jewellery feel less special to me so I’m glad I don’t have that problem anymore.

Nomination Jewellery Fashion Trend Style 2013

You may be thinking that because Nomination is a really popular brand, lots of people will be wearing Nomination jewellery soon which defeats the whole object of being individual and unique. However, you can show your creative flair with this product by selecting a unique combination of charms. There is such a large variety of charms in the Nomination range to choose from so the chance of having exactly the same charm combination as somebody else isn’t likely.

Nomination charms are a great price and are very good value for money. I used to wear a different brand of charm bracelet however my collection of charms took quite a long time to build up because the charms were expensive and I had to rely on receiving them for my birthday and Christmas. For my other charm bracelet, it was around £100 per charm however the classic Nomination charms are around £18 which is really reasonable.

You’ll notice that Nomination charms are really detailed and they’re manufactured to a really high quality, I’ve had mine for a while now and it still looks brand new. They’re made out of a variety of different materials including cubic zirconia, enamel, gold, silver and stones. I like to use a mixture of materials on my charm bracelet to make each individual charm on it stand out and not blend into the background.
The charms have a variety of different themes including animals, flags, letters, numbers, life, fun, love, luck, messages, nature, peace, religion, special occasions, sport, leisure, symbols, technology, world sites and fantasia. I have four different Nomination charm bracelets and one of them is filled completely with flags which represent each of the places that I have been on holiday. It’s nice to have the charms there to remind me of the great times I’ve had abroad. I also have an English themed charm to celebrate how much of a great year 2012 has been for our country!

Usually, the way that charm bracelets work is that you have a charm carrier which is the core of the bracelet and the place where all the other charms attach onto. However, Nomination bracelets are different. The charms connect with each other to form the bracelet and this interlocking design works really well – it looks sleek and modern.

You begin with a starter bracelet that contains a number of plain links, and then as you buy your charms, you swap out the plain links for the charms. Make sure you don’t throw the plain links away though as you can use them to start a new bracelet. You’d be surprised at how quickly they fill up with Charms.